Your personal,
digital bodyguard.

Keyport is the password manager and privacy suite for everyday people. It's secure, intuitive, and stress-free!

Generate strong, unique passwords for every account
Securely share passwords with friends and family
Protect your personal information from data breaches

The Ultimate Privacy Suite

So much more than just a password manager

Instant Password Autofill

Get in the first time, every time. Keyport remembers your passwords and automatically fills them in to websites for you.

Generate Strong Passwords

Create unbreakable passwords without ever leaving the sign up page. Keyport suggests strong passwords for you to use with new accounts.

Hide your Email Address

Reclaim your inbox from spam with Private Relay. With unique addresses for every website, your real email address will remain secret.

SMS 2FA in the Browser

Keyport SMS brings 2FA to the cloud, eliminating the need for a mobile device by delivering and autofilling login codes on any device or browser.

Data Breach Monitoring

Stay informed about breaches that affect you Keyport with Vault Sentinel, which notifies you of potential breaches, enabling you to act swiftly.

Industry-Leading Security

Keyport uses the latest, most secure encryption technology and security standards available. It's actually better than most banks.

Forget your passwords.

No, seriously! Keyport remembers your passwords for you. It can do other things too, like generate super secure passwords, store them, and autofill them. Securely signing-in is as simple as a click or a tap, like magic ✨

Store passwords securely.
Strengthen your privacy online with fully managed, strong passwords. We'll even let you know when your passwords are leaked.
Automatically synced between devices.
Your passwords are always up-to-date, no matter where you are. Keyport is coming to all major platforms.
Protect documents, contacts, credit cards, and more.
Fully encrypt any sensitive information, not just passwords.
Product screenshot

Everything, in one place.

Ditch the sticky notes and spreadsheets. Keyport stores all of your important information securely, and keeps everything synced between devices. Coming to all major platforms in 2024, Keyport will be everywhere you are 🙌

Coming soon to all major devices and browsers

Windows 10/11
Apple iOS
Google Chrome
Microsoft Edge
Mozilla Firefox
Brave Browser

SMS, meet the internet.

Your phone isn't the only way to get SMS login codes anymore. You'll get your own special phone number, so Keyport can receive codes for you and automatically prefill them on your PC, tablet, mobile phone, wherever! 😎

Receive SMS codes in the browser.
No mobile phone needed! Made easy with single-click prefill.
Global, spam-free numbers.
Register up to 3 premium phone numbers in 150+ regions in 13 different countries.
Your number, your messages.
Phone numbers that you register are dedicated. We don't share numbers between users.
More secure than traditional SMS.
Invulnerable to SIM swapping and smishing, Keyport SMS is the most secure way to receive SMS codes.
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Spam sucks. Kiss it goodbye!

You get an address, you get an address, everybody gets an address! Instantly create unique, private email addresses for every website with Keyport Private Relay.

No spam, no tracking, no desperately trying to find the unsubscribe button... no hassle! 👌

Same mailbox, just safer.
Safely receive emails in your regular inbox, shielded from trackers, spam, and malware.
Hide your email address.
Private Relay keeps your real email address hidden. It's like incognito mode for your email.
Pause emails at any time.
Stop receiving emails from any website, at any time, using Pause and Destroy.


Simple, no tricks security for everyone.

No unnecessary extras. No hidden fees. No lock-in contracts. Just the tools you need to keep your data safe and secure.

Pricing shown in USD and based on an annual subscription.

Keyport Personal

All the bells and whistles you need to secure yourself online


per month
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  • Unlimited vault items
  • Unlimited devices
  • Save and autofill passwords
  • Generate secure passwords
  • Security dashboard
  • Data breach monitoring
  • Import from other password managers

Keyport Ultimate (Bundle)

The ultimate, all-in-one personal privacy and security suite


per month
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  • Includes all Keyport Personal features
  • Includes Keyport Personal subscription
  • Includes
    1 Keyport SMS number with 50 free messages per month
  • Includes
    Keyport Private Relay subscription

Optional Add-ons

Keyport SMS

State-of-the-art SMS two-factor authentication for maximum protection (includes 50 free SMS messages per month per number)

starting from


per month

Keyport Private Relay

Email privacy, perfected. Includes unlimited Private Relay addresses and unlimited email forwarding


per month

Looking for business pricing?

We have tailored plans with features made for businesses. Head over to our Pricing page to learn more.

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Frequently asked questions

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Join the waitlist today for the chance to be selected for our alpha and beta testing programs, which comes with a whole year of Keyport for free! Even if you aren't able to join us in alpha or beta, you'll still get 2 months of free Keyport when we launch, just by joining the waitlist 🤑

Your information will be encrypted whilst in transit and at rest.
We will process your information in accordance with our Privacy Policy. Don't worry, we won't use your name or email address for anything other than updates on Keyport.